Hard to believe it’s been over a year since our last blog post! Things got so busy, we had to put everything on the back-burner just to keep up. That’s a good problem to have! Wanted to quickly provide an update on a recently completed project that we are very proud of. The Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville contacted us looking for a solution to the problems they were having with the plaster on their pool. Between the spalling, the pop-offs, and maintenance issues, they were hoping to find a an improved finish that they could rely on. We reviewed our specifications with the management of the winery, and provided them our list of commercial references. Once they saw the benefits of our Advanced-Glass finish, they were all in! We completed the project earlier this year, working with the winery and the Sonoma county health department to make all the required updates to the pool. We are so proud of the results and pleased that the Francis Ford Coppola Winery entrusted us with improving their beautiful property.

The Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Startup of a Fiberglass Pool

How do you startup a fiberglass pool? How is the startup of a fiberglass pool different than a plaster pool?  These are some of the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

When resurfacing your swimming pool, "startup" refers to the procedures required to ensure that the plaster cures properly, and that the chemicals are properly balanced after the resurfacing is complete.  The startup of a Plaster pool surface/finish is very sensitive and much more labor intensive than the startup of a pool resurfaced with our Advanced-Glass fiberglass system. Advance-Glass fiberglass is the EASIEST pool finish to startup and maintain!

Filling the Pool
Once our crew completes the resurfacing process, we will ask you to wait approximately 24 hours before filling the pool, to allow the finish coat to cure.  Then, fill the pool as soon as possible with a continuous flow of water. Do not stop filling part-way through.  

With Advanced-Glass, no brushing is required during startup!  When you do brush the pool for regular ongoing maintenance, use only a plastic bristled brush. Do not use a metal brush.  Compare this to starting up a Plaster pool. With a plaster finish, frequent brushing of the entire pool is critical (at least once a day for the first week and at least once a week for the rest of the first month, more often is better).   

Chemical Balancing
Initial chemical balancing is easy for your Advanced-Glass fiberglass finish. Work with your local pool store or pool service company to balance the chemicals. Here is our recommendation for chemical makeup of your pool water:

  • CHLORINE 1.0 – 1.5 parts per million

  • PH 7.2 – 7.4

  • TOTAL ALKALINITY 100-120 parts per million

  • CALCIUM (Hardness) 300 –350 parts per million

After filling the pool, you may have some dirt or debris that has accumulated in the water. You may use your pool sweep or vacuum to clean the pool.

 As you consider options for your pool resurfacing project, remember to consider the time and effort you will spend on startup and ongoing maintenance. With our Advanced-Glass system, you will swim sooner (no need to wait several weeks to begin swimming); spend less time and energy brushing the pool; and spend more time enjoying your pool!  Life is good with a fiberglass finish!

Newly resurfaced Advanced-Glass fiberglass finish!

Newly resurfaced Advanced-Glass fiberglass finish!




The California Drought

It's no secret, California is in the fourth year of an historic drought. What does that mean for pool owners?  Advanced Pool Coatings is working with the California Pool & Spa Association (CPSA) to promote sensible water conservation measures and to protect your rights as swimming pool owners.

Consider this:

  • Residential swimming pools use up to 50% LESS water than the same square footage of lawn - that's right - with your pool you are already conserving water compared to a typical residential backyard uses.  Add in the amount of pool deck area that would be grass, and you save even more water!
  • Independent studies have shown that swimming pools use approximately .3 gallons per sq. ft. per day compared to .6 gallons per sq. ft. per day for lawn area.

What should you do?

  • Check your pool for leaks. Either hire a qualified Leak Detection professional, or perform the "bucket test" yourself (google it) to see if you have a leak. 
  • Repair any plumbing leaks or structural cracks immediately!  Contact us for more information about how we can help your leaking pool!  Our Advanced-Glass fiberglass pool finish is especially effective against cracks and leaks!
  • If you have a leak that requires draining the pool, we encourage you to contact your local water district to explain the situation.  In every case we've seen, they encourage you to fix the leak correctly to prevent more ongoing water loss - even if that means draining the pool completely to do the repair!

New Facility Expands Service Options {Video Tour!}

After more than 20 years in Roseville, we’ve moved to a more versatile space in nearby Loomis.

A Key Location for Best Customer Service

When Paul and Dwight originally formed a pool resurfacing company in 1993, they knew a good location would be key to their success. The Roseville office put them close to pools in the Sacramento metropolitan area and provided easy access to surrounding communities like Davis and Vacaville, as well as all regions within the greater Bay Area. Thousands of those pools now boast a durable and beautiful Advanced-Glass fiberglass pool surface, with more completed each week.

After twenty years of successful residential and commercial projects, the Advanced Pool Coatings family had grown–a lot; we had added more fiberglass pool resurfacing crews and formed a decorative concrete coatings division. We’d begun bursting at the seams, so to speak. To best meet the needs of our increasing customer base, we knew we had to find a larger, more versatile facility.

A Large Facility to Meet Customer Needs

Not wanting to sacrifice the advantages of the original location, we limited our search area. The property we eventually found (just eight miles away) and the space we created indicate a leap forward in our customer service offerings. Our new facility provides everything potential clients need to know about our exclusive products and processes, with plenty of room to grow.  

Let’s face it–a pool remodel project is a significant investment for most people. When you are trying to decide who to hire for your job, consider this: Do they have a real office, supported by real people, dedicated to your project’s success, who stand by their work and are ready to serve you throughout the life of your project? Our new office is not only designed to serve our customers better, it is also a direct commitment to build long-term roots in the community and the pool industry so we are available to provide great service for years to come. That’s the Advanced Pool Coatings difference!

Advanced Pool Coatings has always provided superior customer service. Now we can provide even more! Take a look at some of our office features that just might get you excited about using Advanced Pool Coatings to repair your pool surface and renovate your pool:

  • Showroom

Our showroom features samples of our fiberglass pool coatings, pool tile and decorative concrete overlay products. Here you can get a better idea of what your pool renovation project can look like as you browse our selection of samples.

  • Demonstration Areas

We resurfaced our shop’s concrete floors with our exclusive Sundek epoxy industrial floor coatings. Come take a look at the durability and beauty these floors offer.

  • Abundant Shop Space

With abundant space (6,000 square feet!) to store inventory and supplies, we can quickly and easily respond to increased demand from jobs large and small!

  • Reception Area

Our beautiful reception area will immediately help you feel right at home. Here you can see the many awards and plaques we've earned from some of our most unique projects.

See for yourself how Advanced Pool Coatings can turn your backyard vision into a reality.



Take a Real Tour

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Find a "Flexible" Fix for Pool Cracks

Cracks in your pool should be repaired in a timely manner. Do it the right way with Advanced-Glass fiberglass.

Why Do Cracks Form?
Cracks occur for a variety of reasons. The pools we service in the Bay Area occasionally have cracks resulting from seismic activity. Expansive soil is more often the culprit in Davis, Vacaville, Fairfield, Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette, El Dorado Hills, and other cities in the Greater Sacramento area. We’ve also seen cracks resulting from poor original construction and even from encroaching tree roots.

When these forces are applied to a pool surface, that surface reacts as it is engineered to do so. In the case of plaster (gunite with plaster overlay), extreme pressure instantly results in cracking due to the rigid nature of the material. The same is true with aggregate (Pebble-Tec), concrete, and prefabricated fiberglass pools. They will crack under pressure.

Solutions in Advanced-Glass Flexibility
Advanced-Glass fiberglass is different. Its unique properties allow it to flex and give. This more forgiving material holds up much better than plaster, even in formerly distressed pools.

Advanced-Glass fiberglass literally transforms your pool from an unyielding form to one with the strength and flexibility to meet many of the forces that nature will inevitably throw at it.  The superior beauty, ideal orange-peel texture, and ease of maintenance of the Advanced-Glass fiberglass pool finish are added benefits. It is simply a superior pool finish on every level.

What’s the Harm in a Little Surface Crack?
Cracks resulting from the rigidity of traditional pool surface materials often have associated water leakage. Even a small leak can hit the pocketbook pretty hard and in these times of severe drought, it’s difficult to stomach that sort of water waste. Leaks don’t get any smaller–they can only get larger and more problematic. It’s best to address them sooner rather than later.

DIY Crack Repairs
Sometimes people will attempt to repair cracks in their plaster. We must advise pool owners that these do-it-yourself projects will frequently crack again, either in the same place or near the plaster repair. If you decide to perform your own crack repair, typically with A+B epoxy, consider it at best a temporary fix. It’s a good option only to “buy some time” until we can arrive to perform a more lasting, robust repair.

How to BEST Fix Cracks
While some contractors recommend using staples to perform repairs on plaster and gunite, we've found staples to be ineffective and simply an added cost. Some contractors also recommend performing epoxy injections or removing sections of gunite and re-installing rebar to reinforce the pool shell. In our experience, the Advanced-Glass fiberglass pool resurfacing system has resolved thousands of our customers’ cracked and leaking pool problems without the need for these other types of costly and invasive procedures.

The most effective way to treat your pool cracks are with Advanced Pool Coatings solutions. Our exclusive crack treatment for both prefab and resurfaced fiberglass pools will restore your pool surface to like-new condition.

If you don’t have a fiberglass pool, you'll find the best fix for cracks in Advanced-Glass fiberglass. With a full fiberglass conversion, in conjunction with crack repair, your pool will sport a more flexible, more durable, and more beautiful surface. It will much better withstand the structural pressures currently wreaking havoc on your existing pool.

Advanced Pool Coatings has provided THE BEST solution to thousands of distressed pools for more than 35 years. In fact, they can fix ANY pool. Contact us today.