The California Drought

It's no secret, California is in the fourth year of an historic drought. What does that mean for pool owners?  Advanced Pool Coatings is working with the California Pool & Spa Association (CPSA) to promote sensible water conservation measures and to protect your rights as swimming pool owners.

Consider this:

  • Residential swimming pools use up to 50% LESS water than the same square footage of lawn - that's right - with your pool you are already conserving water compared to a typical residential backyard uses.  Add in the amount of pool deck area that would be grass, and you save even more water!
  • Independent studies have shown that swimming pools use approximately .3 gallons per sq. ft. per day compared to .6 gallons per sq. ft. per day for lawn area.

What should you do?

  • Check your pool for leaks. Either hire a qualified Leak Detection professional, or perform the "bucket test" yourself (google it) to see if you have a leak. 
  • Repair any plumbing leaks or structural cracks immediately!  Contact us for more information about how we can help your leaking pool!  Our Advanced-Glass fiberglass pool finish is especially effective against cracks and leaks!
  • If you have a leak that requires draining the pool, we encourage you to contact your local water district to explain the situation.  In every case we've seen, they encourage you to fix the leak correctly to prevent more ongoing water loss - even if that means draining the pool completely to do the repair!