Fiberglass Pool Repairs

Pools are a wonderful way to bring the family together, and a great way to cool off!  However, sometimes pools crack. Whether it's from ground movement due to drought; seismic activity (i.e. earthquakes); improper draining of the pool; or from structural deficiencies, plaster pools, concrete pools, gunite pools and fiberglass pools can crack.  And these cracks often result in leaking pools.  Fiberglass is an excellent option for repairing cracked pools due to its longevity and durability. If you have a pre-manufactured fiberglass pool that has cracked, or if your plaster pool was once resurfaced with fiberglass and now has a crack, or if you have a vinyl liner pool that was converted to fiberglass and has now cracked, we can help!  Our professional fiberglass repairs can bring new life to your old pool!  Our services include:

  • Repairs of fiberglass liners installed by other contractors.
  • Repair Delamination of an old fiberglass surface.
  • Repair Cracks in existing fiberglass shell or liner.

Our fiberglass repairs are professionally performed, and often our repairs are very hard to detect!  Ask us about how we can fix your pool!