4 Vital Steps to Hiring a Licensed Contractor

When you need a job done right, you want a professional to trust with your vision and budget. Once you have a few leads and referrals, it’s time to narrow your choices. You know you should do some fact-checking but where to begin?

At Advanced Pool Coatings we encourage you take these steps when choosing a contractor:

  1. Check the company’s license with the Contractors State License Board.* Make sure the company is properly licensed for the type of work you need done and that the license is active with no complaints or suspensions. Proper licenses for your swimming pool work include C-53 for swimming pool contractors and D-12 for synthetic products (needed for fiberglass work).
    Advanced Pool Coatings holds both licenses, so all work is done in-house. We don't rely on subcontractors!
  2. Check the sales rep’s license, again with the CSLB, to be sure they are registered. All home improvement sales reps must be registered with the CSLB.
  3. Confirm that the contractor has workers compensation and general liability insurance.
  4. Check references, including online reviews on sites like yelp and google+.
    Advanced Pool Coatings is the only contractor who lets you talk to ANY of its customers. We are THAT confident in our work.

Once you're satisfied that a company is legitimately licensed, insured, and well recommended, you can begin to weed out potential contractors based on your personality, project, budget, and time constraints. Interview the company rep with these questions in mind:

  • Can you see the unique nature of my project? (Does he or she listen? Can he articulate and accurately reproduce your ideas and vision? Most important, are you compatible with this person?)
  • Do you use subcontractors or do your own employees do all the work?
    Advanced Pool Coatings uses all its own employees. We do NOT use subcontractors!
  • Do you have longevity in the industry? (If the contractor has been around for past customers, they will most likely be around for you. Ask about follow-up and warranty work references.)
    Advanced Pool Coatings has been serving customers since 1993!
  • What are the payment schedules? (If the contractor asks too much up front, that is a red flag.)
  • Do I feel rushed to make a decision? (A good contractor doesn’t need to use high-pressure sales tactics. Make an informed decision based on your timeline.)

Follow these simple steps, and you are more likely to achieve a successful project!

*The Contractors State License Board is a great resource (we highly recommend their article on hiring a licensed professional). Hosted by the state Department of Consumer Affairs, this website defines industry terms and provides topical information and links, all in an effort to educate and protect homeowners.