Purify Your Pool Water without Draining it!


A few years ago I installed a salt chlorinating system in my pool. While I loved the softness of the pool water, I began to notice corrosion on my concrete pool deck and the cool-deck overlay I had installed on it. I could only conclude that even though the salt in my pool was relatively small, it was causing damage to my concrete deck. So I made the difficult decision to remove the salt system.  But now I was stuck with salty pool water.  I thought that the only way to get fresh water again was to completely drain my pool, and refill it with new, fresh water.  Not only would that waste a lot of water, but it would also cost me extra from my water district. Also, my pool is 10 feet deep, and with the recent rains we've been getting, I was a little concerned about draining my pool with potential ground water underneath the pool.

Then, I discovered a remarkable service that can clean and purify your pool water in less than 24 hours without draining the water out, using the process of reverse osmosis. The Puripool system sounded too good to be true, but I talked to the folks at Swim Chem who explained the process to me, and assured me that it would work. Swim Chem has been servicing my pool for years, so I trusted them and ordered the service. 

The next morning John arrived with the big trailer and hooked everything up. He took the time to show me how the system worked and let me go inside the rig to see the huge filters that would be cleaning my pool water. The whole unit even has it's own wifi router, so John can monitor the performance remotely!  My pool is large (35,000 gallons!) and it cycled through even faster than John told me. It took approx. 15 hours for the process to complete. While the process is running, it does make noise like a motor running. It didn't really bother me, but John was concerned about it disturbing my neighbors, so he turned it off (by his smartphone!) around 9pm - nice touch! He even emailed me a report when he was finished showing me all the readings of my pool water before the service, and then once the water was purified. 

I'm really pleased that I had Swim Chem purify my water using this system and recommend it to anyone who needs to change out their water. Don't drain it - purify it!