COLORS - Advanced-Glass

The standard color of Advanced-Glass is white, and this is what we recommend.  We do offer a limited color selection at an additional cost:

  • Iridium (light gray)

  • Diamond (medium gray)

  • Granite (dark gray)

  • Light Blue

  • Cambridge Blue (medium blue)

All pool colors, whether plaster or fiberglass, will fade and mottle over time, therefore we do not guarantee color fastness and uniformity.   Below are a few pictures showing what some pools look like with the various colored options. This is an illustration only, and we cannot promise that your finished pool water color will look exactly like this, since the actual water in a pool will look different based on the underlying color of the finish selected. In addition, factors such as the depth of the pools, the time of day, the amount of clouds and sunlight, and other factors will change the finished look of the pool water. 

White Fiberglass Finish (Standard)

Iridium Gray (Light Gray)

Diamond Gray (Medium Gray)

Granite Gray (Dark Gray)

Light Blue Fiberglass Finish

Cambridge Blue Fiberglass Finish (Medium Blue)